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University of Toronto, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE)

Curriculum and Teaching in English: Intermediate and Secondary (CTL 7020Y)

Instructs a course that introduces pre-service teacher candidates to the methodologies and issues relevant to teaching English in Ontario in the Intermediate and Senior divisions (Grades 7-12). Topics include teaching textual forms, writing processes, classroom language and media/ technology. Teacher candidates engage in English Language Arts practices and theories as preparation for informed curriculum planning and implementation. Instructs seminar classes, designs assignments and grading rubrics, grades assignments, hosts scholars and specialists, holds office hours, and counsels graduate students in coursework.

I previously co-taught this course, 2019-2020 and 2021-2022, and conducted research within the full-year course alongside Dr. Rob Simon, which I presented at conferences and published in peer-reviewed journals.

Seneca Polytechnic

Creative Writing (EAC 384) 

Designs and instructs a course that focuses on the reading, writing, and editing of personal essays, fiction, and poetry through collaborative learning. Students' summative assignment is a 25-page manuscript of their creative writing.

The Journal (EAC 214) 

Designed and instructed a course that invites students to examine the use of journals as psychological, sociological, and historical documents and as tools for self-exploration, self-expression, and creativity. Students' summative assignment was a 25-page manuscript of their creative writing.

Introduction to Children’s Literature (EAC 273) 

Co-designed and instructed a course that examined famous works of children’s literature using modern political and philosophical theories such as Feminism and Marxism. Students engaged with the many genres, issues, and theories that pervade the field.

Communicating Across Contexts (COM 101, previously EAC 150) 

Instructed a course which introduced students to the core concepts of communication, with a focus on writing. We analyzed purpose, audience, genre, language and tone, main ideas and supporting details, and persuasive appeals – ethos, pathos, logos. 

Sheridan College

Composition and Rhetoric (COMM 17889GD) 

Instructed an advanced course where students deeply explored the art of argument and persuasion. 

World Mythology (LITT 10918G) 

Designed and instructed a literature/ sociology course where students considered the nature of myth, its historical and current functions, and its cultural significance within local and global contexts. 

Personal Journeys (LITT 14310G) 

Instructed an asynchronous, online life-writing course where students considered essential elements of personal narrative and investigated how these elements shape and are shaped by social and cultural contexts. 

Communication (COMM 19999) 

Instructed an introductory college course that aimed to develop transferable communication skills required by students for both academic and professional success: writing, reading, speaking, presenting, listening and multi-literacy. 

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